Multifunction umbrella

Whenever I see my mother holing an umbrella, I always notice that she smiled barely because she had a backache. At that moment, I wanted to invention a "multi-functional umbrella”.

"Multifunctional Umbrella" is made of a special fabric, either to prevent ultraviolet radiation, also there are many features. There are six buttons on the "multi-functional umbrella" handle. When you feel cold or hot, press the green button, there would be a small "warm and cold air-conditioning” coming out. According to your body's temperature, there would be cold air or hot air, also the fragrance of a flower sometimes. When you feel bored, press the purple button, the umbrella leaves would become to an LCD TV, the handle become to a remote control, so you could watch the fantastic show, getting rid of boring; When you go to school and forget the pens, press the black button, the  umbrella leaves would become smaller, the handle become to a pen, with an umbrella and distinctive pen, also when there is wrong word, it would "Didi tick" to ring; When you have the backache, press the red button, there would a small massage machine. Though it is small, the massage power is great. Oh! This umbrella has one more purpose! When traveling, if you forget the tent, the umbrella would have great use ! Press the orange button, "multifunction umbrella" will become to a tent, how big you want, and there are many furniture inside, like a little family!

"Multifunction umbrella", what a magical umbrella is! I believe that with the continuous development of technology, people will invent a "multi-functional umbrella" !

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