Finding umbrellas
A professor spoke to a businessman, "Last week, my umbrella had been taken in a London church. Because the umbrella was gaven by a friend as a gift to me. I very cherish it. So I spent the cost that could buy a few umbrellas to look for it on the newspaper, but did not get it back. "
“What did you write on the newspaper?” asked the businessman.
“It is here.” The professor took a newspaper clipping from his pocket.
The businessman took it and read,” Last Sunday evening, I lost a black silk umbrella at the church. If someone got it, please send it to No.10 Broad street. There would be five pounds reward.”
The businessman said,” I often make the advertisement. There are much knowledge for advertising. Your advertisement couldn’t work. You are not able to find the umbrella. I will make another advertisement for you. If you still couldn’t get it back, I will buy a new one to you!”
The advertisement that the businessman mad was on the newpaper. Early the next day, the professor was shocked when he open the door, because there were around seven umbrellas lying on the garden ground. These umbrellas are very colorful, some in cloth and some in silk, new and old, big and small. They were all thrown from the outside.
The balck silk umbrella that the professor was looking for was also lying among these. There was a note on some umbrellas, saying that the umbrella was taken wrongly without notice and asking the owner not to speak out. The professor told the case to the businessman, while he said,” these persons are still honest.”
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