Umbrella, Mother and Love

Blog | November 18, 2016

Saw the umbrella, I think of my mother, and my heart is filled with a warm feeling.

When I were a child, there was no school in our village and have to go to school in the town eight miles far away. It is a long way, so we were afraid to encounter a rainy day. It often rains suddenly when we were on the road and then got wet. Therefore, how I long to have an umbrella at that time!

Once, the way home from school, I showered of rain. Then I got ill . My mother touched my head with red eyes. I was young and naive at that time. So I could not understand my mother’s difficulties, and said: "it is good to have an umbrella. Let us buy one!"  Mother thought for a long time and finally said:”OK, let us buy one.” I were dubious about what my mother said. My family life was very difficult. Why could she have money to buy an umbrella? However, I know your mother's temper. She is always true to her words..

That night, she early started working on the loom. The sound of "bang bang” was full of the house. I listend to the sound to fall asleep. Wake up in the morning, the sound was still loud. Ah, Mother woven cloth overnight. I quietly walked in front of mother, trembling, shouted: "Mom!" Mother looked at me with red eyes, and smiled unnatural. I burst into tears, said: "Mom, you would not stay up all night, I do not want umbrella!"

Mother smiled and said: "Silly girl, we still want to buy it. There would be the umbrella after I worked hard several nights"

Finally one day, mother cut the cloth. Selling cloth from the market mother had a look of festivity. When she saw me, she immediately open the printing burden and said: "Look, this is the umbrella you want!"

Ah, Umbrella! I screamed and took the umbrella from the hands of mother. This is a yellow cloth umbrella, called butter Busan. I open it, closed, open, closed and open, closed. I looked up and saw mother’s smile and butter cloth-like face. I felt so sad and eyes welled up with tears.

Since then, the butter Busan was always with me, from the junior, high school, university, to participate in the work. Gradually, this butter Busan is behind the times, but I could not bear to throw it away. I took the umbrella as if my mother is on my side. I can not forget my mother and the love of her.

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