The Creativity Umbrella Made by Children
The daring and novel creativity of children brings much convenience to the citizens. Xilin Ni, 9 years old, invents an umbrella brush. The umbrella brush is for those old persons who like to write calligraphy on the ground. They install the brush head on the umbrella top and connect the pen and the umbrella together. In such case, the old persons could bring the umbrella at ay time. In the rainy autumn and winter, it could prevent the rain. In the hot summer, they could use the umbrella to prevent the ultraviolet rays after morning exercise. What a simple but convenient creativity.
Xilin Ni said," I always think and find my mind straying when I am on dinner". He never thought that his strange idea in his mind could be submitted to apply for the patent. Moreover,he really gets a utility model paten certificate. At the same time, there are also 48 students get the certificates for the new convenient pet feeder, the special vehicle for cleaning up the advertising paper, the umbrella brush, and so on.
"Scientific creativity is actually from the careful experience and thinking of everyday life." Zhang Hong said. In recent years, the school has been encouraging students to have more sense of innovation. They give each child a patented invention designed table and encourage them to observe the life, and then to write up their own ideas.
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