Such beautiful! Autumn color of Xiamen

As soon as October arrived, the weather gradually turned cold, and many places have entered into Autumn season. The Koelreuteria henryi trees on the streets of Xiamen are using the swaying yellow flowers and red fruits to tell you that Autumn is coming! Koelreuteria henryi trees are welcoming the best viewing period. They can be seen on Huandao Road, Hening Road, Hetong Road, Xianyue Road, Jinshang Road, Lianqian East Road, Xike Street and Tongfu Road in Tong'an District.

Reverse Umbrella

At the moment, the trees on both sides of the road have begun to "turn color". A string of small “lanterns” stand on the dense green leaves of the tall trees. These "lanterns" are the fruits of the tree. You see! Three pieces of paper-like peels wrap the fruit. Isn’t it like a small lantern?

Koelreuteria henryi tree is one of the most obvious tree species in the season. It has the imprint of the four seasons in this area. The leaves in Spring are mostly red leaves. In late Summer, its yellow flowers are full of trees. After into Autumn, the leaves turn yellow and the fruits are reddish.

This is a tall but extremely low-profile tree. In Spring, all flowers compete to open, while the tree is slowly sprouting. In the lush summer, it is sprinkled the shade, with other street trees. When the autumn wind blows, the vitality accumulated in the previous two seasons begins to sprout on it.

It first quietly grows golden yellow flowers, and the small flowers are closely tied together to form a pagoda-shaped bouquet. In a few days, the tree is wearing a golden hat. Suddenly, the golden color of the tree begins to appear green fruit. The fruit is triangular pyramidal, a string of clusters, like a small lantern hanging on the tree.

It didn't take long time for the lantern-like fruit to change from green to pastel yellow, pastel yellow to pink, pink to sauce, and then to Withered yellow.

On the same tree, golden yellow flowers, greenish fruits, pinkish fruits, pink fruits, red sauce fruits, and yellow fruits do not appear in order strictly. They are often squeezed together to form a colorful tree.

When the autumn is exhausted and the early winter gradually become apparent, the colorful fruits are transformed into black and bright seeds, falling densely into the ground. Then the green leaves gradually fell, lazily scattered.

reverse folding umbrella

The autumn time slide away in hurry. The blue sky white cloud, the idle lives and the crisp days are all recorded in the colorful changes of this tree. In Xiamen, the autumn is the shortest but the most comfortable and beautiful season!

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