Animal's Personalized Umbrellas

Reverse Umbrella


One day, It was raining in the sky, like a flower pin, like filaments, thick oblique weave; and the little ants were walking on the grass. What should I do? I will be get wet if i don't have an umbrella, the ant was thinking; Suddenly found the small frog holding a lotus leaf as umbrella, and found that the little mouse used the pepper as an umbrella, and it saw the white rabbit holding a beautiful mushroom umbrella. They are so cool !

Then, it saw another small ant in the front holding an peanut shell as an umbrella, but it was very difficult to walk because of the peanut shell was too big for him. The little ant ran up and said to him, "Can you let me hide the rain with you together? also I can hold this special umbrella with you together. This is really a unique personalized umbrella; So cute!” Another little ant said happily, “Okay, come in quickly.”  Finally they are happily go to their home with a special peanut umbrellas.

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