Beach Umbrella -SRB12

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Product Description:

Model No.: SRB12
Style:  Beach Umbrella, Round
Size:  Can be customized
Fabric:  210D oxford
Color:   White
Shaft:  Dia of pole 29/32mm, detachable, Steel with white power coated
Frame: Length:1100mm, 8 ribs, 3.2mm thickness steel
Ribs:  8k
Packing:  OPP bag
Printing:  Yes
Umbrella Base:   1 pcs
OEM:   Yes


About Beach Umbrella

Beach umbrella is a kind of big sun umbrella. The design of Beach umbrella is based on the patio umbrella of evolution. With the diversification of lifestyle and commercial development of the leisure industry, beach umbrella is widely used on the beach, beautiful shape, effective sun shading effects, cheap outdoor commercial advertising is more conducive to the development of beach umbrella. Beach umbrella is easy to move, easy disassembly and low cost, it also has the function of advertising.

Polyester cloth of shade effect is the best, research showed that, thick of cloth than thin of anti-UV performance better. Generally, cotton, silk, nylon and stick glue fabric of anti-UV effect is poor;  Polyester cloth has waterproof, and anti-Sun, and not faded, anti-UV performance strong. Umbrella cloth color has many species, including dark green, and wine red, and off-white, and water blue, and blue, and Brown, and orange, and deep yellow, and green etc. Beach umbrella can be screen printed the company logo and design, print vivid clarity and never fade, is a very good outdoor advertising carriers.

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