The Role of UPF 50 Sun Protection Umbrella

The hot summer has come, Are you doing enough to protect your skin ? The weather is good in the summer, people like to go outside to take activity and go on holidays, enjoying the time with family and friends, but sunshile is very strong in the outdoor. 

The skin is easily hurt when outside for a long time, even if you use the sun cream, you’d better take an UPF50+ umbrella, because the effect of sun cream will weaken after 1 or 2 hours. Under an UV protection umbrella, you will feel not that hot. It is cool in the shade. 

A study says that there are more and more skin cancer because people don’t have enough care about the skin. UV rays are so strong, causing DNA damage, wrinkles and age spots. This year, the highest temperature all over the world has been cut the history record. It is so terrible to walk outside without an UV protection umbrella. The skin is exposed to the strong sunlight directly. It is burning, like BBQ. Taking an UPF50+ umbrella, block out 98% of harmful UV rays. The only way to enjoy the Sun and cherish your Skin is to take a UPF50+ sun protection umbrella.


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