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Septrainbow Raises The Bar On The Umbrella Industry In China

Press Release | Updated March 15, 2019

Septrainbow Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. as a leading provider of umbrella, has its deeper understanding of the product that gives the umbrella more meaning and wider usage, recently announced the kickoff of their Strategic Procurement and Product Services for global buyers.

Umbrella is not only daily necessities, but also a work of art .Its processing way is not simple, which requires dozens of steps. Furthermore, most steps need to be completed by hand. It requires the high workmanship of the workers. Handmade umbrellas are more environmental and durable.

Septrainbow Co., Ltd. is located in Fujian Province-- the famous "Chinese umbrella capital". There are thousands of umbrella manufacturing plants here, which are famous for their innovative design and excellent quality. Many well-known umbrella brands are also born in Fujian. Umbrella industry is one of the local pillar industries. It brings tens of thousands of jobs for the local community, which is a strong impetus to the local economy and help the society being harmonious.

With the technology development and social progress, people’s idea of umbrellas practicality and aesthetics also changes. From the initial as shelter to the present use of diversity, umbrellas have been more than just a necessary tool. From the perspective of corporate marketing, umbrella is also a very effective advertising tool; from cultural and artistic level, umbrella is a work of art. For the poet, life is a downpour, the fate is a flawed umbrella, love is a patch.

According to 2014 Shanghai Umbrella Market Forecast and Analysis, environmentally friendly umbrellas will be the trend of innovation and revolution. For most Chinese enterprises, technology is no longer a bottleneck, because we are already able to carry out relevant research and apply eco-friendly materials in order to gradually reduce the consumption of natural resources. Septrainbow's New Material Research and Development Center established in May 2013 has been committed to low carbon umbrella frame material development. The company has made major breakthroughs in eco-friendly gold coating technology. Chinese umbrella manufacturers consider brand, innovation and improvement as the core of the industry.

About Septrainbow
Septrainbow Co., Ltd. is a professional umbrella manufacturer, exporter and solutions provider, whose headquartered is in Xiamen, China. Since it was found in 2003, the company has been committed to the umbrella development and production, adhering to the concept "continuous innovation and create value". It has successfully developed a variety of new umbrella materials, which are very popular around the world. In 2013, Septrainbow Co., Ltd. established the umbrella frames design and new materials research and development center, focused on more humane and comfortable designs and more environmental umbrella frame new material.

We own 2 umbrella factories and 1 umbrella frame design center. Our products are sold Worldwide and win high appreciation from the purchasers. Fine workmanship, Attractive designs, Competitive Price and Excellent quality are our advantages.

The quality products that we provide to global buyers are Golf umbrella, Folding umbrella, Kid umbrellas, Reverse Umbrella, POE Umbrella, Promotional Umbrella and Gift Umbrella, Beach Umbrella.



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