Create Personality Creative Umbrella to Win The Industry's Future

Umbrellas are basically a must for every household. Friends who have used umbrellas may have heard of a brand that is Septrainbow . After over 20 years of development, it is quite influential in the umbrella industry.

Leader of technological innovation

It is reported that Septrainbow Company specializes in the production of various types of sunny umbrellas, folding umbrella, golf umbrella, reverse umbrella, beach umbrellas, advertising umbrellas, sun umbrellas, personalized umbrella and various fashion accessories. The company's products sell well in more than 45 countries and regions including the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia. 

The products of Septrainbow can be exported to the world and have been widely recognized by the market, which is related to do with the company's emphasis on technical standards and technological innovation.

In past 20 years, we manufactured top quality and individuality umbrellas for many industry-leading customers around the world, the products are well appreciated by our clients. 

Create a learning and innovative team

The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the efforts of every employee, and to attract employees to enter the enterprise and eventually stay in the enterprise, a set of attractive corporate culture system and advanced management system are needed.

Septrainbow Company has introduced a series of employee incentive systems. While inspiring employees, it also forms a positive and joint force within the company. For example, the company set up special innovation incentive funds for all employees, job promotion, salary incentives, social welfare resources and other incentives to provide innovation incentives, that is, "enterprise innovation incentive system for all employees." The system stipulates: innovation and rectification of production technology and work technology; reform of existing work flow, system flow and manufacturing flow, etc. This system has greatly cultivated and mobilized the innovation consciousness and work enthusiasm of all employees of the company.

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