Are the more umbrella bones, the better?

The number of umbrella ribs is not fixed. It is only adjusted according to different needs. There is no absolute statement. Therefore, the number of umbrella ribs is not necessarily as large as possible. The quality of the umbrella depends not only on the number of ribs, but also on what material it is made of. The number of ribs cannot directly identify the quality of the umbrella. But the more ribs of the umbrella, the rounder the umbrella surface. So the more ribs, the more beautiful it is. The more ribs are relatively strong, but also heavier. Umbrella skeletons are generally 6-8, and the most can reach 24 bones, which are mainly used in straight umbrellas.

There are usually 6 ribs, 7 ribs, or 8 ribs for sun umbrellas. The most common ones are 8-bones iron and steel. 8 bones and 16 bones are used in rain umbrellas. In order to reduce costs, many umbrellas are now made with 7 bones. The 6-bones and the 7-bones are mostly used in ultra-light umbrellas for sunshades, and most of the materials are aluminum alloy bones. However, the price of aluminum alloy bone is relatively high, so it is often used in high-end umbrellas. High-end umbrellas pay attention to styles. When designing umbrellas, they consider only the shape of the umbrella, but not consider the number of ribs to reduce costs. Therefore, the rain umbrellas with more ribs are better, but the ultra-light umbrellas for sunshade do not need to consider the rib numbers.

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